Chester P. Tuttle Gravesite
Hillside Cemetery, Auburn MA
November 1, 2018
Written by Dennis Knight, Pakachoag Church


Oh God, for whom time is a circle and who joins all things past and present and yet to come under the mantle of one watchful, knowing eye, we pause in this moment to remember one whose days began and ended a century ago, but whose memory carries on in the lifeblood of this community of which he was a part.

We ask that all that was noble and true, all that was loyal and faithful, all that was genuine and heartfelt, about this man be consecrated anew. Service, sacrifice, dedication, all defy the bounds of time, and we, the heirs of the past, seek to enshrine the sacrifices of what has gone before that we might pass forward the bounty of a rich legacy.

We ask that all who stand in the shadow of this man and what he represented and valued, with a fullness of heart call forward his spirit that it might continue to infuse this community with an ever-renewing awareness of what it means to be an abiding citizen of this Commonwealth and the Union of which it is a part.

Imbue us with a sense of the sacred nature of this, the final resting place of one whose life was offered in the service of others and now dwells eternally with his ancestors.