Welcome to Pakachoag Church

Known for its welcoming manner, and its active engagement with those beyond its doors, Pakachoag stands in the forefront of churches that are actively working to enhance the quality of life in the wider community.

We are an open and welcoming non-denominational church. Our faith stance and organizational principles are grounded in New England Congregationalism, which emphasizes the individual’s role in determining his or her own belief structure. Consistent with this tradition, governance and leadership have always been a vital element in shaping the character of Pakachoag Church.

With historical roots tracing back to the English Reformation, our worship is traditional, yet is adapted so that it is accessible and engaging. We enjoy abundant musical resources, and a singularly attractive building, and utilize those resources to full advantage in worship.

The community is diverse and welcomes persons from all backgrounds. We are welcoming, meaning we extend ourselves without reservation to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. Children are very present at Pakachoag, and family participation is encouraged in every aspect of our Church life.

We invite you to explore this website, and hope it serves as a starting point for you in getting to know us better.

* * *

“Christianity is about living in the open spaces, out of the tombs and hidden places that separate us. Christianity, a resurrection faith, is about understanding there there is one divine mantle that spreads over all of us, and that whatever forces serve to divide are expressions of death, and that whatever forces rise up to unite are expressions of new life.”

Rev. Dennis Knight, Easter 2010