pexels-photo (2)Join us for Saturday morning art classes in June! Designed for students in elementary and middle school, these classes promote their understanding of the world around them and facilitate artistic expression through age-appropriate drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques.

Exploring Our World

Saturdays, June 11, 18 & 25
9:30 AM – Grades 1-4
10:30 AM – Grades 5-8

Location: Hex Room at Pakachoag Church
203 Pakachoag Street, Auburn, MA 01501

Cost: $20 per child for three 50-minute sessions

Register Online Here or contact the church office at (508) 755-8718.
Please register by Monday, June 6.


Program Description

Before the first class, students should choose a country or culture somewhere in the world to serve as the basis for their three lessons.

Week one: Drawing
Students will:
1. Identify a place where they have gone to or would like to visit anywhere in the world.
2. Produce a drawing a landscape or cityscape, adding as much detail as they can about the place of their choice.
3. Techniques used include Perspective Orthographic Projection, Vanishing Point, and Aerial View.

Week two: Painting
Students will:
1. Research and describe regional dress and cultural customs of the place they chose the first week. (Homework)
2. Use watercolor paint to depict the different customs and costumes from another place.
3. Utilize techniques such as watercolor wash, stippling, and alternative perspective methods using the horizon.

Week three: Sculpture
Students will:
1. Define molding, additive, and reductive sculptural methods. Slab and coil methods will be reviewed.
2. Produce a sculptural work using self hardening clay to produce a three-dimensional sculpture of a person or animal from their chosen location.
3. Use the aforementioned techniques to create persons, animals, vehicles and/or machines.


About the Instructor

Phillip McGaw majored in Art and Urban Life at Springfield College and is licensed to teach grades K-12. He has taught K-12 art for over 10 years, most recently at Grafton Middle School and Oxford Elementary School. Mr. McGaw’s experience in printing comes from his work as Manufacturing Director for Pearson Educational Publishing.