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Arts at Pakachoag

Pakachoag Church has a deep love for and commitment to music and the arts, supporting an excellent music program and an Arts Series of cultural events. From puppets to Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza, the Arts at Pakachoag series have presented a wide variety of cultural events. These events are open to the public and the series is self-supporting from fees and donations.


Our 2017-2018 events will be coming soon!

Arts Resources

Dobson Organ, Opus 69

The organ in the Great Hall of Pakachoag Church was built and installed in 1997 by Dobson Pipe Organ Builders Ltd. of Lake City, Iowa. When this Opus 69 instrument was installed, the builder was already a highly regarded name among contemporary American organ makers. Dobson has since added to its reputation, adding installations of national repute and significance, assuring that this firm’s name will be enduring and its mark indelible.

The Pakachoag organ was designed for a relatively small (seating capacity 200), but acoustically live, room that is well suited for chamber music. It is a robust two manual, mechanical key action, electric stop action instrument that is large enough to support a full range of recital literature, in addition to fulfilling its roles as a service and teaching instrument. The Worcester area is replete with a fine variety of significant organs, and the selection of the Dobson was intended to add dimension to this already diverse and worthy mix.

Pakachoag Church was guided in the selection of this instrument by its then resident Organist and Director of Music, Patricia Snyder, DMA. Guests recitalists have included Jeffrey Brillhart (dedicatory concert 1997), Martin Baker (1999), Katharine Pardee (1999), Murray Forbes Somerville (2000), Peter Sykes (2001), Brett Maguire (2002),  Scott Lamlein (2007), and for the tenth anniversary of the installation in 2007, Andrew Shenton, Patricia Snyder, Ian Watson, and Donald Meineke.

Stop List

16          Bourdon
8            Prestant
8            Chimney Flute
4            Octave
4            Nachthorn
2 2/3    Nazard
2            Super Octave
1 3/5     Tierce
1 1/3     Mixture IV
8            Trumpet
Swell to Great

SWELL (expressive)
8            Gedackt
8            Salicional
8            Celeste (FF)
4            Principal
4            Traverse Flute
2            Piccolo
1 1/3      Quinte
2            Mixture IV
16           Bassoon
8            Oboe
Tremulant (affects entire organ)

16           Subbass
16           Bourdon (Gt.)
8             Principal
8             Spire Flute
4             Octave
16           Trombone
8             Trumpet (ext.)
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Mechanical key action; electric stop action with multilevel combination action.

Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester

Our church facility houses Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester.  It is an independent, not-for-profit community school of the arts offering early childhood music and movement classes, special group programs, and private lessons to persons of all ages.

The School is funded through tuition, individual contributors, and various grants. This includes:

  • A Massachusetts Cultural Council Operations Support grant
  • Special program funding from the TJX Foundation and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation for early childhood music and movement outreach classes for young Worcester children of low income
  • In-kind support from the Church in the form of provision of space for the operation of the school programs

For more information, visit